Top 10 Bars In Innsbruck

16. September 2023

An easy rule to follow when travelling: stick to the places the locals go to. So here are the places we suggest in Innsbruck. They all have great wines, cocktails, long drinks and local spirits.

The best bars in Innsbruck

  1. Fuchs & Hase – newly opened in October 2022 this place has it all: amazing drinks, an amicable atmosphere and it’s right in the center of the old town.
  2. Brooks ODB Bar – not everyone’s cup, but if you like it cozy (this place is tiny!) and hip this is the place to be. They make a mean Negroni Sbagliato!
  3. Liquid Diary – an American style cocktail bar in the center of Innsbruck. „A place to reminisce in old, and make new memories“ as they put it. Probably the most expensive spot, but the drinks are spot on.
  4. La Cantina – if you’re after some good Italian wine and a great Aperol Spitz, nothing beats Cantina. In case you get a little too tipsy: just head across the square and have some pizza at La Trattoria (they’re run by the same owner)
  5. Dunlin Bar – also a nice bar, not very big but with big ambitions and great drinks.
  6. Moustache – a favourite since 2010 when they first opened. It still is the a student’s place, just perfect for an afternoon coffee or drinks before partying in one of the clubs (Dachsbau ist downstairs!)
  7. Treibhaus – an institution in itself that hosts amazing concerts, readings & other events. The bar is great for an easy beer. People (of all ages) who hang out here tend to be more of the alternative crowd.
  8. Montagu – a hostel with a downstairs bar, that doubles as a club. Hip & alternative. Their beer from the tap is way better than the one they sell in bottles!
  9. Kater Noster – popular place among students, strong drinks and easy going atmosphere.
  10. Adlers Bar – if you came for the mountain views, than this is the bar to hang out at night.

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