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5 Smaller Ski Resorts in Tirol to Avoid Crowds

The bigger the better? When it comes to ski resorts in Tirol small might not be a bad thing, it gives you a chance to improve your skills and make the most of your winter holidays by mixing it up with hikes, tobagganing & more.

When researching skiing resorts in Tirol the chances are pretty high that you come across St. Anton, Kitzbühel, Sölden, Ischgl, Fieberbrunn and Zillertal Arena. Those are all big resorts with many options are great for you if size mattters to you. However, if you’re a beginner, or you’re looking for maybe a few ski days but want to do other winter sports as well, or if you’re looking for a family ski resort – then I’ve got some ideas for you.

Small Ski Resorts in Tirol You’ll Fall in Love With

The resorts are in no particular order and each has it’s advantages!

1. Kühtai im Sellrain – Ski-in-ski-out

Tucked away between mountain peaks it is the highest ski resort in Tirol that wasn’t build on a glacier. The small village consists of hotels and it’s a ski-in-ski-out kind of place. On most days one side of the ski resort will get sun shine first, turning it into slush (yeah!) in the afternoon. By switching sides you get the best out of both worlds (hard slopes and slushy snow). In December they even offer packages where you get the ski pass for free if you stay at least 3 nights! Jagdschloss Kühtai is an amazing hotel right in the middle.

2. Seefeld in Tirol – Sunny Winter Refuge

A hotspot for cross country skiing and winter hiking. Lots of sunny spots and a well sized skiing area with free ride options. Why not go for a mixed winter sport week here? 2 days cross country skiing, 2 days hitting the slopes on Rosshütte, 2 days enjoying some winter hiking and a day to relax at the spa? The tiny Christmas market in the town center and the horse carriages make December magical. Check out Nidum in Mösern for a stylish hotel to stay at.

3. Berger Alm in Wipptal – Hidden Slow Travel Treasures

Wipptal is a valley that deserves a second glance. While the Brenner Autobahn highway goes right through it – the side valleys are peacefully quiet and tourism is slow. Berger Alm is the only ski resort – which is totally fine for a few days. Consider hiking around Obernberger See (yes, it’s a winter hike) and going tobogganing to Naviser Hütter and Maria Waldrast while you’re there as well! Almi’s Hotel and Trinserhof are great places to stay.

4. Galtür – Ischgls quiet Neighbour

While I probably don’t have to explain the crowds in Ischgl, Galtür is a proper alpine village with a quiet side. It’s perfect for families who split during the day: kids have beginners slopes, parents get a freeride paradise.

5. Innsbruck – the Skiing Hub

If you can’t decide where to go Innsbruck is always a good choice. With many skiing areas close by, a free ski shuttle bus and free winter activities you can join Innsbruck is the perfect city for a winter holiday. That includes the surrounding villages such as Mutters, Igls, Götzens, and many more. There is even a Ski plus City pass, which includes 13 ski resorts and 22 city experiences. Prices start at € 117,00 for 2 days – € 403,00 for 10 days.

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