Tirol's Winter Wonderland Beyond the Slopes: Discover Hidden Gems, Cozy Retreats, and Unconventional Adventures.  Tirol in winter offers a world beyond the slopes, and we're here to unveil its enchanting secrets. Join us as we explore lesser-known ski resorts, charming mountain huts, picturesque winter hikes, and offbeat winter sports that promise to redefine your Tirol experience. Get ready to embrace the magic of winter in Tirol, where every moment is a new adventure waiting to be discovered.
toboggan runs for sledding in tirol

5 Toboggan Runs In Tirol For Beginners

Tobogganing is an enjoyable way to have fun in the snow, even if you’re not a skier. You don’t need any skills at all, expect for knowing how to hike and use your feet as brakes. The German word for going down
16. September 2023

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