Welcome to Innsbruck, the heart of the Alps and the capital of Tirol! Our comprehensive travel guide offers you invaluable tips and insights for your independent adventure in this charming city. From discovering the finest restaurants and selecting the perfect hotels to navigating the city's transportation system, we've got you covered. Dive into the vibrant Innsbruck lifestyle and uncover everything that makes this alpine gem a truly unique destination.

My View on Innsbruck: The Aegean Inflight Magazine

Published in Blue, the Aegean Inflight Magazine Jan-Feb 2024 Innsbruck, a magical mountain getaway I grew up in Vienna but have lived in Innsbruck – capital of the West Austrian region of Tyrol – for the past 12 years. I never get
5. März 2024
Houses near the river in Innsbruck in winter

Where To Stay In Innsbruck: Hotels & Hostels

Finding the perfect place to stay in Innsbruck, the captivating capital of Tirol, is the key to unlocking a memorable Austrian adventure. Nestled in the heart of the Alps, Innsbruck offers a charming blend of history, culture, and stunning natural beauty. Whether
22. September 2023

Top 10 Bars In Innsbruck

An easy rule to follow when travelling: stick to the places the locals go to. So here are the places we suggest in Innsbruck. They all have great wines, cocktails, long drinks and local spirits. The best bars in Innsbruck
16. September 2023
Seegrube cable car

A Useful Guide to Visiting Nordkette & Hafelekar

One of the most memorable Things to Do in Innsbruck is definitely a trip up on the mountain range, that is guarding Innsbruck from the north: the Nordkette. It can easily be reached by taking the bus or the Hungerburg rack railway
29. September 2023
Innsbruck airport from above as seen from a plane

How To Get To Innsbruck

Whether you're considering going to Tirol by train, car or with a plan - here's a quick overview on how to reach the city in the middle of the Austrian alps!
6. Dezember 2021

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