Where to Find The Best Pizza in Innsbruck

I know where the best pizza in Innsbruck can be found, and I am about to share the secret with you.
6. Dezember 2021
Pizza Piccante in La Trattoria in Innsbruck

You’re looking for the best pizza in Innsbruck, Tirol? You’ve come to the right place and the best news is: there are quite a few spots that offer damn good pizza. The reason for this is the growing number of Italian pizza chefs, who have definitely boosted the level in the last few years.

Good to know: make sure you check the opening hours, some places only fire up the pizza oven for dinner, while others are open for lunch as well.

Where is Innsbruck?

Rather than assuming you already know where Innsbruck is, I’m about to give you a brief introduction. Innsbruck is the capital city of Tirol (Tyrol), which is one of nine states in Austria. Tirol is settled in the west of Austria and borders to Vorarlberg (most western state), Switzerland (only on a very short stretch), Italy on the southern border, Salzburg and Germany in the North.

With 130.000 inhabitants Innsbruck is the fifth biggest city in Austria and it’s best known for being right in the middle of the alps. Jep, mountains in all directions. It has an international airport and is well connected by train to Munich in Germany, Salzburg (Vienna), Zurich in Switzerland and Verona in Italy.

Most visitors come for the beautiful old town, the surrounding mountains – which are easily accessible & outdoor sports such as hiking and skiing. However, it’s also the cultural capital so there is no shortage in restaurants, bars, museums, exhibitions & events.

Italy is only a 30min drive to the South, so get ready for some real good Pizza. Ready to take a bite? Let’s jump right in!

The Best Pizza In Innsbruck – Incredible Pizzeria Places

Pizza is everybody’s darling and the places that I’m about the recommend tend to be fully booked at night. So make sure you have a reservation, even on week nights! Usually a phone call up front works best.

La Trattoria

In my humble opinion by far the best place to eat pizza. The napoleon style pizza is made by Lucca, a talented pizza chef who knows just how to make a pizza fluffy, crunchy & mouth watering delicious at the same time. He’s also the mastermind behind the focaccia, which they sell (only) in the afternoon as a take away. The (very Italian) vibe here is good and welcoming.

Personal favourites are:

  • Pizza piccante (14€): a light filled ricotta crust, tomatoes, mozzarella, hot salami, nduja, olives and basil
  • Napoli (12€): tomatoes, bufala mozzarella, cocktail tomatoes, anchovies, capers, olives, oregano, basil, garlic olive oil

Die Pizzerei

A long time favourite, with a few set backs over the years – many because of rude service. It’s more of a fancy place, so if you’re longing to wear that sparkly dress, you will fit in here. In summertime the best tables are outside on the terrace, however the best shared pizza I’ve had here was at the bar, with a couple of Aperol Spritz.

Personal favourite:

  • Pizza Rimini Rimini (14,30€): tomatoes, mozzarella, prosciutto crudo, agricola salat, melon, mascarpone cheese

Due Sicile (+ A Casa + La Piccola)

Another long time favourite! The first restaurant they opened up is a cosy, romantic cave-like place tucked away in Höttinger Gasse. However, they also own: A Casa, a hip place with outdoor seating and delivery center and La Piccola a tiny pizza slot at Markthalle. Farina pizza & bar next to Goldenes Dachl is their newest addition.

Personal favourite:

  • Pizza Dolce Vita (12€): tomatoes, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, agricola, parma ham, Grana Padano DOP and olive oil

If you’re looking for a pizza place where you can easily stop in front and pick up your pizza boxes – A Casa is the perfect spot for calling in your order!

UNA Pizza

Voted Tirols best pizzeria in 2021 by falstaff user voting. While I don’t disagree, I also don’t 100% agree as the dough here is a little to soft and the crust too thick for me. They have a lot of seasonal toppings, make sure you check them out before ordering. That in mind, here comes a

Personal favourite:

  • Pizza Marinara (6,50€): tomatoes, oregano and fresh garlic (a vegan pizza btw.)
UNA Pizza in Innsbruck won in Falstaff’s 2021 category: best pizza in Tirol.


So, wherever you might end up munching on a slice of pizza, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

I hope that my thoughts & recommendations with the best pizza in Innsbruck gave you some food for thought and helped make your dining plans a little easier!

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